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iCarly Season 6 Episode 8 With his role as Spencer, the wacky brother on iCarly, coming to an end during the show’s sixth and final season and a new starring role in Nick at Nite’s Wendell & Vinnie set to begin next year, it’s an interesting time to catch up with actor Jerry Trainor. (iCarly returns tonight with a much touted episode guest-starring Jimmy Fallon.) ”It’s bittersweet that iCarly‘s ending. It was such a tight family. And I watched the kids grow up. I knew Miranda [Cosgrove] since Drake and Josh days.iCarly Season 6 Episode 8  So, you know, when we shot the final episode it was hard to get through some of those scenes…. Lots of waterworks. All from me. I’m a big baby. Everybody else was like ‘Keep it together, old man.’”

iCarly Season 6 Episode 8 He promises lots of cameos in this final season, including ones from Tina Fey, Emma Stone, and the Pawn Stars folk (those last ones in an episode directed by the Groundlings-trained Trainor). And while he won’t spill about the finale (only that it’s “very much a farewell and it is awesome”), he did tell us some other things we want to know. Such as…

iCarly Season 6 Episode 8  The premiere of this past season’s Breaking Bad, I was so excited and I started watching it and it starts to get all artifacty and the sound dropped out. I was like freaking out. Freaking! Out! And then luckily it was on demand that week and I just ordered it. But then you have to download it. But I did that. Stepped back from the ledge. Waited a day.

iCarly Season 6 Episode 8 Parents need to know that this semi-interactive tween comedy integrates with its partner website (, and the show’s format encourages kids’ interest in checking out and contributing to the site. In other words, if your computer-savvy kids are fans, this is the perfect time to reiterate your family rules about Internet use and safety. The content is mostly benign, with language limited to some name-calling (“loser” and “jerk,” for example) and a simplistic view of teen relationships. but the show does raise timely points about issues like cyberbullying, since the characters sometimes use their broadcasts to rant about other people.

iCarly Season 6 Episode 8 centers on Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgove), an opinionated young teen who lives with her artsy 20-something brother, Spencer (Jerry Trainor), while their father is abroad with the military. Carly stumbles into Internet fame when a video of her and her sassy best friend, Sam (Jennette McCurdy), gossiping about their peers is accidentally posted online and accessed by thousands of fans, who demand more of the hilarity. From off-the-wall stunts to their personal musings about teen life, Carly, Sam, and their friend/producer Freddie (Nathan Kress) are never lacking inspiration for their show.

iCarly Season 6 Episode 8 gives tweens the opportunity to step outside reality and live vicariously through the colorful characters’ lives. Few rules exist for Carly and her friends, due mostly to the absence of a credible authority figure, and they’ve achieved stardom by taking their personal views to the uncensored airwaves. In other words, theirs isn’t a lifestyle easily emulated by viewers, but the fact that the show makes it so appealing is good reason for parents to do a reality check, reminding kids of the dangers of cyberbullying in particular.

iCarly Season 6 Episode 8 That’s not to say the show is all bad, though. Much of it is laugh-out-loud funny, it boasts a colorful cast of characters (thanks to a very talented cast) and it reflects the technological nature of modern social interactions. Tweens will relate to the characters and their realistic issues with friends, family, and school, and parents will be relieved to know that there’s little content that’s worrisome for their kids.